Xamsa Crucible Squash Racquet

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Crucible is a high end version of the Xamsa Duro 120, which was released in 2017.

Both models share the same mold, but the Crucible is 5 grams lighter and made of more premium materials.

The racquet shape has proved its success over the years and is still actively offered by many brands around the world. Some players call it “hybrid” as it's not exactly a “bridged” racquet like Xamsa PNT, and it's not a teardrop racquet like Xamsa PXT. It’s somewhere in between in terms of power and control.

This frame could be a good choice for all around players, allowing for controlled tight drop shots and good length while still generating considerable pace when needed. Overall, Crucible is not as powerful as the PXT model, but provides superior control.

Crucible uses the same materials and technology as the PXT 115 model, which has proven to be high performance racquet with outstanding durability.

The frame is made of Toray Japan standard modulus carbon fiber woven with high modulus carbon fiber.

The image below shows the snake skin style shaft of the racquet.


Xamsa Crucible Specifications:

Construction: Toray Japan Carbon Fiber, Basalt
Net Frame Weight: 115 grams +/- 5gr
Strung Weight: 155 grams +/- 5gr
Surface area: 500 cm2
Length: 686 mm
Balance (strung): 365 mm +/- 5mm
String: 14x19 pattern, Xamsa Multifilament PM-18g, Black
Grip: Xamsa Black


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