Black Knight Magnum 130 nXS Squash Racquet

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The Magnum models feature wide heads with large stringing surfaces, stiff frames and the Magnum bubble shaft design for better flex response and reduced vibration.

Taking the marriage of power and control to new levels, the Magnum n130, has been built wide and stiff to expand the sweetspot and maximize the benefits of its Vibra Plate head. With a light dynamic weight of 130, this Magnum is easy to swing; but with its large string surface is very forgiving of mis-hits, and can deliver power when needed. 


Materials and Technologies used:



Carbon nXS (nano-Carbon)

Rad Cushion grip: Exceptional gripping performance from dry to wet. You have to try the new RAD grips from Black Knight to really appreciate how a great grip can improve your game.

Vibra Plate Technology: Vibra Plate Technology modifies the racquet's cross-section to stiffen the head against torsion on impact and to interrupt the transmission of shock through the frame to the handle. The result: an exceptionally solid hit - excellent for control on off-center shots, and outstanding for power hitters.

XMG (eXtreme Modulus Graphite):eXtreme Modulus Graphite (XMG) is a highly effective form of carbon-graphite rated above conventional High Modulus Graphite.

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